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Justin Update

Yesterday Justin turned 11 months old and continues to be a real joy. He is pretty relaxed “most of the time” but he does have a lot of puppy in him and makes us laugh on a daily basis. Last week he finished his “Good Manners II” class and is signed up to begin Novice I. Doesn’t it look like butter would melt in his mouth?


He really enjoys new adventures and going for walks. This was taken out at Alston Park in Napa. Those “sit-stays” he learned really come in handy for safety reasons and these types of photos!



Here is a new one. . .yesterday morning we had the windows open. Justin was out in the backyard and had just had one of his very frequent daily dips in our fountain. The next thing we know he is standing on his hind legs looking in the window at us. I guess we’ll have to put those screens back on for summer!


That’s all for now. Check back!

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