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Cara & Matthew’s Elopement

It was a Thursday afternoon in Napa Valley when Cara and Matt exchanged vows at Churchill Manor.


This table contains the wine, glasses and decanter which were used as part of their ceremony. Each of their mothers poured wine into the two outside glasses at the beginning of the ceremony. The bride and groom, in turn, took a sip from each glass and then poured the remainder into the third glass in the middle and each drank from it.


The bride and groom is of course our main focus; however, we are always on the look out for what other family members and guests are doing and capture additional story telling images. During the ceremony I noticed this little girl momentarily peeking at me over her mother’s shoulder.



The processional is always a great time for spontaneous moments such as this.


Little details like these carefully stacked forks are a small example of the attention to detail given at Churchill Manor.


These cute little bride and groom bears that have “just married” on them were attached to the inside of their car.



Best wishes!

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