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Memories of Chloe

To me, memory is like a movie projector tucked away in our minds capable of replaying events in time. Photos can also be an enjoyable enhancement to those memories. With the loss of Chloe, I have poured over mounds of photos and recalled a lot of memories of her with great fondness. Here are just a few that I think just skim the surface of her life but give insight into her 15+ years with us, starting out with one of the last photos taken of her just a few weeks ago.


The first time we saw Chloe she in her whelping box with her litter mates at only two weeks old. She was the most vocal of the group and the breeder told us “she’s a talker”. Those words rang true her entire life as she wouldn’t hesitate to voice her opinion at any given situation. This photo was taken in October 1995, the day she came home to live with us.


Family photo, October 1995.


As a retriever, one of her favorite past times of course was fetching. She loved this flying ring we gave her when she graduated from her “Good Manners” class.


She was always somewhat of an opportunistic mischief magnet and did not hesitate to dig in the sand that Mark was getting ready to use for laying brick in our patio area.


A quick spray of water to clean off the brick patio turns into a party for a labrador. I love the splash of light that filtered through the trees.


On a fun trip to Oregon, Chloe and Cover went swimming in the Applegate River.


“Super Chloe” – Up at Wild Horse Valley Ranch retreiving bumpers. So focused!


“Mustard Chloe” – Field training day at Ornbaun Kennels.


She never questioned all the silly things that I tried with her for a photo.


And, believe me, Mark and I tried a lot of different photo scenarios with these two. We call this one “Party Time”. Chloe showed Cover the ropes; by example she showed him that if we “sit / stay” and “watch” there was probably going to be a cookie in their near future. The studio lights didn’t even phase them.


“Bongo, Bongo” – Chloe in Mark’s Aviator glasses with his bongo drums from when he was a kid.


Justin (right) joined the family when Chloe was already twelve years old. He is so full of energy and youthfulness and a delight to have around. Chloe had her own opinion and would be quick to let us know when his energetic plans conflicted with hers. She really always was a talker!


A sweet photo of Chloe and Cover, 2009. She always watched over him.


Chloe was our introduction into the world of labrador retrievers and handled that role in ways that often exceeded my expectations. It was a beautiful journey and we will miss our pretty girl.

Patricia Uffelman - November 19, 2010 - 3:11 pm

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts! I did enjoy going back in time and remembering all the fun times we had and had captured in photos.

Jo Ann Murana - November 19, 2010 - 10:23 am

Oh, l was so touched by the pictures, some made me cry and some made me smile. I am glad l got to know Chloe, she was such a good girl. I will miss her, but you made her life so wonderful and she knew it. Thanks for sharing your special memories with us. Love you.

Michelle Bauer - November 19, 2010 - 9:06 am

I loved the family photo and ohhh the bone on Chloe’s nose too. What a nice album to view, thank you for sharing auntie. You can really see her personality in these photo’s. Even though we met only once I feel like I know her through these pictures.

Andrea Murana - November 18, 2010 - 11:14 pm

Auntie Pat, I really enjoyed these pictures and your clever comments too. They all made me smile! My favorite photo is of “Super Chloe”! What a great shot! What a great dog…she will be missed as much as she was loved.

Thank you for sharing,


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