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Napa Photographer, Napa Country Iris Garden

I have been wanting to go and visit the Iris Garden in Napa for several years now so when the Napa Register had an article in the newspaper with the dates that they are open to the public (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 27th – May 20th), I checked our schedule and finally was able to make the trip to see this place for myself.  It is simply beautiful with rows and rows of colorful irises with equally colorful and interesting names for each variety.  Upon our arrival, you could see folks walking through each row with pen and paper in hand marking down which of these delicate-looking beauties they couldn’t live without.  Even I, an iris newbie, found my favorites which all were in shades of pink (my favorite color).  This first iris is called “Happenstance” and, to my delight, bloomed within a couple of days of bringing it home.  I chose two other irises to bring home that day called “Pink Champagne” and “Wedding Belle”.  As a wedding photographer, they seemed very appropriate.

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