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Napa Photographer – Cat attends elopement at Churchill Manor

For years we have been photographing Churchill Manor’s resident cat, Eddie, in all of his adorableness. He is an outdoor kitty and likes it that way! I have never even seen him step one toe inside the Inn; he likes his freedom to roam the grounds or bask in a patch of sun and basically do whatever cats enjoy.  What a life he has!  All the food he wants and free room and board at the best Bed and Breakfast in Napa Valley.  He is a celebrity of sorts but seems unimpressed that everyone knows him.  On this particular day, he respectfully strolled out during a marriage ceremony to quietly quench his thirst at the fountain, which I have never seen him do before. Thank you, Eddie, for being you and amusing me!

Churchill Manor’s cat, Eddie, at elopement.

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