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Will you marry me? Napa Photographer was there to capture it.

We are really enjoying this paparazzi-like photography, and with all of the sessions and requests we have been getting, think it has now become one of our speciaties!  All the planning, emails and phone calls back and forth, not only with the groom-to-be but with Cakebread Cellars turned out to be a huge success. Four little words…”will you marry me?” instantly and forever changed the life of Jeff and Kris.  And, they have the photos to prove it.  You always hear it said to live in the moment; the fun thing about photos is you can re-live the moment over and over again.  Kind of  like having your cake and eating it too.

The wine bottle kind of help set the stage for Jeff to pop-the-question as you can see from the photos below.  Cakebread Cellars had set up a private tasting room for them and the bottle was displayed prominently on the table with assorted cheeses and crackers.  When Jeff and Kris entered the room, the bottle was turned away from Kris so that she could not see the words “Will You Marry Me?”.  Mark and I were tucked away in a nearby stairwell and when we heard our queue, stepped in and captured all the action.  Here are just a few images from the beginning of their new chapter in their lives.

So, tell me folks, how did your boyfriend/girlfriend propose to you?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comment section below.  Or, if you are planning on proposing, and would love to have these kind of photographic memories to cherish, give us a call!  We love to collaborate with you on these exciting sessions.  : )

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