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It’s our Wedding Anniversary!

Thirty six years ago today . . . August 24, 1974. We don’t have a lot of photos from our wedding day, only 30 photos to be exact. (No, I did not leave off a zero). I wish we had more! Most of the photos in our little album are formal ones with a few […]

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Another milestone for Chloe

If, as they say, one year of a dog’s life equals seven people years, then Chloe turning 15 on August 17th would make her 105 years old. Like anyone getting along in years, she has had her challenges in the past year which we worked through with a lot of TLC and she is enjoying […]

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Ziggy’s El Dorado

Earlier this month I had a blog post entitled “For the love of dogs”. The following was not at all planned but gives me the opportunity to share some candid humor with all you cat lovers out there. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think kitty would hang around for this series of photos […]

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Thirty-five years ago today . . .

Wow! The years seem to have just flown by since I myself was a bride on a very hot summer day in Fairfield on August 24, 1974. If we look like a couple of kids, it’s because we were . . . teenagers in fact! As you can see, wedding attire has changed quite a […]

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Chloe is 14 years old today

Just a brief pause from wedding season . . . It all began August 17, 1995 — it seems like just yesterday that we brought home a little black fluff ball puppy. So cute! We never had a labrador retriever and let me tell you, she was a real initiation into the breed. Chloe is […]

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