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Napa Pet Photographer – For the love of cats!

Even though I have shared my life with dogs all of my life, I can remember how my fascination with the “big cats” formed many years ago when I read the book by Tippi Hedren called “The Cats of Shambala”.  Tippi Hedren is probably best known for her starring role in the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”, however, the book tells of her sanctuary for big cats where they can live out their lives in dignity.

I like to keep a camera close at hand for my own satisfaction and creativity, as opportunity can knock at any given time.  As a busy wedding photographer, creativity is not only something that I do for a living but something that I feed on a continuous basis with many bodies of personal work and varied interests.  Below is a recent portrait of my cat who provides me with hours of unexpected creative outlets.


Napa Photographer, Napa Country Iris Garden

I have been wanting to go and visit the Iris Garden in Napa for several years now so when the Napa Register had an article in the newspaper with the dates that they are open to the public (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 27th – May 20th), I checked our schedule and finally was able to make the trip to see this place for myself.  It is simply beautiful with rows and rows of colorful irises with equally colorful and interesting names for each variety.  Upon our arrival, you could see folks walking through each row with pen and paper in hand marking down which of these delicate-looking beauties they couldn’t live without.  Even I, an iris newbie, found my favorites which all were in shades of pink (my favorite color).  This first iris is called “Happenstance” and, to my delight, bloomed within a couple of days of bringing it home.  I chose two other irises to bring home that day called “Pink Champagne” and “Wedding Belle”.  As a wedding photographer, they seemed very appropriate.

Napa Wedding Photographer, Churchill Manor, Amber & Eric

Your knight in shining armor has asked for your hand in marriage…what’s next?  Wedding Planning, although exciting, can be a daunting task with so many details and wonderful choices to consider.  That said, a big wedding may not be your idea of the perfect choice for you.  If you have ever considered eloping, you are not alone!  Napa Valley is a fantastic choice for an intimate elopement; it could be just the two of you getting away for a romantic ceremony.  How does that sound?  Amber and Eric made this wonderful choice and were married in an intimate ceremony at Churchill Manor and, I must say, it was perfect!  The bride’s walk down the isle was quite impressive and dramatic with Churchill Manor as the backdrop.  Amber chose a lovely white street-length wedding dress and her flowers of choice were yellow roses by Garaventa’s Napa Valley.       

Amanda - May 16, 2012 - 9:28 am


Napa Portrait Photographer, Senior Session, Rachel

Spring…a time for new beginnings, opportunities and time to contemplate the future.  My favorite time of year!  I always look forward to the display of new plant life~flowers, the vineyards of Napa Valley shooting forth their tiny grape leaves and I especially enjoy the cherry blossom and dogwood trees.  And, as in nature, it is a new beginning for the graduating seniors of 2012.  Rachel wanted to do some senior photos on location at various sites in our beautiful valley.  Here is a taste of some of the photos we took on our photo adventure.  Congratulations and best wishes to you Rachel~you have a bright future ahead!

Napa Wedding Photographer, Reiko & Malcom at Churchill Manor

Capturing real moments in time is something I never tire of ~ in fact, it is a driving force in the work Mark and I create together.  I love it that people have a comfort level with us to reveal their true emotions, no stiff or forced expressions, just be themselves!  Reiko and Malcom traveled from Japan for their destination wedding at Churchill Manor, which speaks volumes for this fantastic venue.  We have photographed many weddings at Churchill Manor for couples that have traveled, not only from out of state but from out of the country.  If you are looking for a Napa Valley wedding venue where all the details are skillfully taken care of for you (with your input), you really owe it to yourself to check out Churchill Manor.

The photo of Reiko and Malcom in this series during the recessional is one that I particularly like because it is like a two-part story.  Part one is the joy of the bride soaking up every delicious moment of her ceremony by taking a glance back at her clapping guests and enjoying the rose-petal celebration.  Part two is the obvious look of pure joy on the look of the groom with his new wife.

C l i e n t   I m a g e s